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Trijit Web Services (TWS)

Trijit Web Services delivers customized internet services/products for small, medium and large business.

Our Major services/products are Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, Email Services, Hosted Exchange Services, SaaS & Apps, and Datacenter Services.

Trijit Corporation provides all its services with affordable prices along with fully managed.

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Video Streaming Hosting

Which type of players Trijit Web Services (TWS) uses for online streaming?
Trijit uses low player and JW player for live streaming, where these player are tools used to customize and embed video streams into web pages. Both are media players used to display audio and video files in the website from the server.
Whats are the type of media stream servers provided by TRIJIT?
Trijit provides hosted media server on different tools like Wowza, Red5, Adobe Flash and etc.
If i purchase media streaming server from Trijit, how many users can see the live feed at a time?
Trijit has no such restrictions on number of user access per instance, where your live stream server can be accessed from any number of users at an instance. But quality of live media streaming is depended on the bandwidth limit from the hosting provider (i.e., the bandwidth you purchase). So suggesting you to go with dedicated bandwidth.
How Wowza Server meets my live streaming server requirement?
Firstly, Wowza media server supports many protocols like IPTV, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPS, RTMPE and RTMPTE to stream audio or video files online. Wowza media server is known to be one of the high performance media streaming server application to stream live and on-demand video, audio and rich internet applications (RIAs) to desktops, smartphones, tablets, TV screens and more audio/video playing devices. To know more about Wowza server kindly ask your questions through mailing Trijit at [email protected], where you will be get connected directly with Wowza server specialists from TRIJIT.
How Red5 server helps for my media streaming hosting?
Red5 server provides a URL (RTMP Protocol), which fetches the audio and video files from flash media encoderand streams to the browser without any interruption. Advantage of using Red5 server is where it provides advanced interactive content like livechat, video conferencing, etc. on upon broadcasting live streaming events. For more details on Red5 server for your live streaming hosting services please do Contact Trijit once for full solution package for your requirements.
How Flash Media Server streams video or audio files on the web browser (How to make my video or audio files live on my websites)?
Flash Media Server mainly known as FMS from Adobe Systems used for real time communication as chat room or as a multiplayer games on upon streaming live video and audio files. FMS can also record H.264/AAC to FLV container and MPEG-4.

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The Exceptional support team at Trijit (TWS) gave us excellent support even when we were not there customers, so such support made us to shift our server to TRIJIT.

Mark Anthony

Director, Polar Cargo

We decided to focus on our strategic value proposition so as our hosting partner is Trijit which helped us to roll out new services like currency deliverables and mobile trading.

Tony Gill

MD, Global Securities Inc

With Trijit Web Services as our technology partner, we have been able to provide our customers with a consistent and enhanced portal experience.

Steve Matt

GM, Accede Internationalz

Trijit has given us the confidence and comfort level to focus on our business. Our potential clients are all around in Middle East Countries.

Mohamed Zain

IT Head, Milcos Industries